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"Coach Jeremy has so much knowledge and understanding of the game. With him being a former All-American, he knows the skills that will translate to the game. Working with Coach Jeremy has made me a better player!"

Luke Anderson

James Madison University

"Working out with Coach Jeremy has helped my game a lot. He focuses on the small details that helped me elevate my game. From our first workout, he catered to the way I play and since I started training with him, I've become a better player!"

Dominick Nelson

Long Island University


Karl Knighten

Polk State College

"Training with J Hoops has pushed my game to a whole new level by putting me in game-like situations to help my decision making in games. He has turned me into a 3 level scorer and consistently pushes me to get better at my craft!"

Drew Kramer

Florida College

"Coach Jeremy has really helped me work on my game in the off-season. I like the way he trains and puts you through game like movements and scenarios. Always a good workout!!"

Eric Collins - Parent 

"Coach Jeremy is absolutely amazing. My son has been training with him for almost a year now, and we don't plan to stop anytime soon. Not only is Coach Jeremy's basketball IQ and ability to observe and teach off the charts, but his character, encouragement, and mentorship are even higher. I can't recommend him enough!"
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